Andy Murray’s graph goes up

The 23 years old Andy Murray has played really well in recent matches. He kicked off his tournament without a coach. He defeated world number one Nadal in the the Toronto semi-finals and number two Roger Federerin the final which doesn’t happen often. He got denial as he wished for an evening match against Mardy Fish today.  He already struggled in the sun yesterday playing against Gulbis to reach last eight in Cincinnati. He found that it was very warm and he was fighting to control the ball. He wanted to get some rest and requested for an evening match as heplayed seven days continously between 12pm and 3pm. Although, he has reached in the last eight after testing his endurance. He has been boosted by the Toronto  win and prepared for the US Open which commences on 30th of this month. On the other hand, the british No. 1 tennis player Andy Murray is photographed by Peruvian Testino for American Vogue. Well, this has raised the question that Andy is Britain’s hope in sports or a male model.

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