We will miss you

The 2010 world Cup is about to start!! A month of hapiness, laugh, and tear is waiting for us. However, some supporters might have already strarted cry even before the competition actually started. In fact, a lot of brilliant players won’t be in South Africa during the most beautiful sports competition on Earth. Yes, unfortunately, because of injuries, over-weight reasons, non selections or sickness, some of the best actors of the beatiful game will not be on the SOuth African pitches in June and July.

Let’s start with the players who would have a place in most national teams but did not get picked by the managers to play the world cup:

the list is well long:

-Ronaldinho: he season was pretty good, however, Dunga seemed to rather go to south Africa with a team that includes less players with big egos.
-Patto: His injuries have been a problem all season and as most manager Dunga went to South Africa with a group of operational players.
-Adriano, Ronaldo, etc

– Karim Benzema: left at home because of some declarations he made on the national team, Nasri, Viera, who’s absence is due to the fact that he did not play enough this season

– Del Pierro, Totti

– Maradona left a lot of players behind, it is problably because of the great amount of amazing players who could play this competition for Argentina: Lavezzi, Zanetti, Cambiasso, Lucho Gonzales, Lisandro Lopez, etc

Because of injuries some other players stayed at home, I am thinking about Beckham, Ballack… and the list will probably get longer during the competition.

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