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Now the 2010 World Cup is coming up and a lot of players are going to South Africa to play the best ever football competition. However, a lot of them whose club situation is not very clear, want the discussion and negociation over their transferts to be made before they travel to Africa. We are going to look into the possible moves that are going be made over the Summer. Now the transfert windows are pretty much as interesting as the competition itself, which is exiting but taking away the recreational side of football but that is another debate.

First we are going to list the biggest transferts that have already happened:

David Villa is moving from Valencia to Barcelona FC for 42M€ (£36M) which I think is a good thing for Barcelona because the way Villa plays football will match the way Barca play much more than Ibra’s did.
Presentation Villa

The Premier League is also going to welcome a very talented player, I am talking about Marouane Chamak who is moving from Bordeaux for free as his contract with the Champion’s league quarter finalist ended at the ends of June. Chamak is a very good players in the air and skill full player.

Now we are going to investigate on the transferts of the star players who are on the move this summer:

Luis Fabiano, the star of Brazil and Sevilla only has one year left on his contract and he should go somewhere else before the contract end in order not to leave Sevilla for free. Luis Fabiano is worth 40M€ at the moment and clubs like Chelsea and AC Milan are well interested by a player who scored 25 goals in only 36 games with the Seleçao.

All the Arsenal fan might be well disapointed at the moment, in fact just after the announce of Chamak arrival, Cesc Fabregas was declaring to Spanish news paper his will of playing for Barcelona next season. I think wenger is not seeing this move in a good way but as we all know, it is very difficult for a club to go against player’s will.

New rumors are starting since Murinho declared he was going to coach Real Madrid next year and will do what it takes to make them win the Champions League. The most recent one is Dzeko, Wolfsburg stricker is wanted in Real Madrid, his cost is around 40M€ and some medias said that Mourinho already had a talk with him telling what he was expecting from next season in Madrid.
Di Maria also is one of Madrid priority but la Casa Blanca will have to fight over him against a serious club, Manchester United who seem interested as well by the best passing player of Liga Sagres.
Mourinho would also have made Maicon a priority. This player who was one of the key of his amazing season should cost a lot but we all know that money has never been a break in Madrid.

David Silva who’s followed by Manchester United should stay in Valencia as Manuel Llorente declared that his young star was not for sale.

Now, in England, Milner might make a move to Manchester City, which would be a very good idea considering how good his season was with Aston Villa.

Ribery could also be on his way to either Manchester United or Chelsea but he is likekely to stay in Bundesliga.

Finaly Arteta interest a lot big clubs around Europe but his price is well high and Everton seem to be against a move of his spaniard this year.

Zigic just signed a 4 years deal with Birmingham and will play next year under the leadership of Steve Bruce, after he spent 3 years in Spain.

To be continued…

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