World Cup WAGS

Footballers wife and girlfriends arĀ  e quite often pretty nice to look at. Now with the World Cup coming up, it is time to focus on the most beautiful wags that are going to fill in the South African stadiums. Who are the most good looking WAGs on the Planet? Here is a little Top 5 of the most beautiful wags:


1. Luli Fernandez (Pablo Mouche’ Girl friend)


2. Suzana Werner (Julio Cesar’s wife and Ronaldo’s Ex wife)

3. Abbey Clancy (Peter Crouch’s wife)
4. Alice Bregoli (Gigi Buffon’s wife)
5. Zaira Nara (Diego Forlan’s wife)

Unfortunately we had to make an exception, considering the pureness of Luli Fernandez’s beauty we decided to integrate her in our top five, even though her husband is not good enough to participate the World Cup.
The couple of pictures I uploaded are pretty nice and might give you the will of being a footballer, unfortunatelly it might be a little late for you as it is for me.

Anyway, that about it for today, the list of sexy wags is definitely too long for me to give an exhaustive one, but that little taste should motivate you to investigate the topic.
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